August 24, 2015

Discover How Your Mind Creates Success And Happiness Through Self Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered where those brilliant, incredible new ideas come from?

Ever wonder how we can create more pleasure, more joy and more happiness in our lives?

Those who read this article through to the end and dare to experience this exercise, will discover something very simple yet so very powerful. We all have and use this ability even though it has escaped most of our conscious awareness.

When I meet people and they realize I am a hypnotist, there are a few standard statements I experience. The most common question I receive:

Is hypnosis real?
Sometimes I will reply with an example of how self-hypnosis is a natural occurrence which happens to each of us several times each day.

Like when find yourself day dreaming or staring off into space.

Have you ever arrived to your destination and you don’t even remember the trip? These are only a couple of naturally occurring examples of trance states or self hypnosis.
A second statement I often hear:
I don’t believe I can be hypnotized.
I usually repeat myself, that self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind we all go in and out of several times each day. Another example of this would be when you are watching a great movie or reading a good book and everything around you seems to disappear from your awareness.

Now if you said, “go ahead, try to hypnotize me.”

I would say you are right; I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. I am a highly trained hypnotherapist and if you wanted to change your present trance to one of experiencing more happiness and more abundance then I would happily teach you how easy it is to intentionally do so and apply self hypnosis to any area of your life; creating healthier habits and emotions propelling you to the success you deserve and desire.

Here is the powerful life changing experience I promised. If you do not understand the powerful implications of this exercise it is OK. Sometimes the simple things confound the wise. And that is why; wise people hire experts to create the changes they desire.

After reading this exercise through, you may choose to re-experience the exercise a couple times, both with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed for an even richer experience.
Many people have mentioned my recorded version is several times more enjoyable. Each time you practice this exercise, you may discover the many applications to accelerate your creativity and learning.

When I first experienced this exercise, a question arose. What else is this part of my mind capable of creating for me without my conscious awareness? And how many ways could I effectively utilize this new awareness?

Imagine standing in your kitchen. As you are standing there, look around from inside your mind. Notice where your refrigerator is located and which side the handle is on. Now notice where your stove is located, and now your dish washer, and now over at your kitchen sink.

If you have a more powerful imagination you could turn on that faucet and possibly even hear the water running. Ok you may now turn it off now. Now you may reach out to the light switch and turn the switch off and back on.

Some of you may imagine all that, even with your eyes open, and some had to close their eyes and that is ok. The idea that you can imagine all of that mapped out in your mind, in such detail, and for some as if you were actually there.

And that alone is not what I find so amazing.

What is amazing is that you did not ask your mind to create that map and all those details. It just did it all for you, and it didn’t even ask your permission to do so.

Just imagine the Unlimited Possibilities through learning self-hypnosis.

How we may better improve our emotional state, learn faster; create the world of our dreams more quickly and more easily than ever before.